Holistic Digitalization 

Digital Transformation as a chance for a ReDesign of collaborative working processes

From Industry - For Industry: 

Constant exchange with industry for more than 20 years 

Our mission

Our mission is to use the digital transformation in companies as a chance to redesign workflows. Due to our long experience and ongoing customer contact, we are very familiar with the challenges of the industry and are glad to combine the needs with innovative technology.

Our motivation

Our solutions are based on 20 years of interaction with the industry and the continuous development of our solutions. We are very pleased that our customers and references have always successfully experienced the added value of our solutions.

Current application fields of TeamOne & TeamDocument

Our aim is to disentangle existing complexities in business processes and to depict them in intuitive solutions. In this process, it is essential to us that our solutions have a deep connection to the internal processes of our customers so that the employees can identify with the solutions. 
With their functions, our solutions TeamOne & TeamDocument cover many of the requirements of quality-oriented collaboration and have a wide range of possible applications. Here you can find some application fields of our tools for Enterprise Task and Document Management:

Enterprise Collaboration

  • Used i.a. at thyssenkrupp Steel

To ensure quality-oriented collaboration - whether across departments or as part of a team: managing all tasks and projects in the long term and assuring that the latest document is used are requirements for efficient collaboration that are successfully achieved with TeamOne &TeamDocument.

CO2 Management

  • Used i.a. at RWE Power AG

In the field of CO2 Management, TeamOne & TeamDocument is successfully used for the cross-site administration and control of CO2-specific maintenance, sampling and inspections. All participants are involved in a motivating way and sustainable documentation is ensured.

Audit & Measures Management

  • Used i.a. at Saint-Gobain

TeamOne management system is rated as best practice during external audits. Due to the ISO 9001 standard-compliant representation, especially the PDCA cycle, as well as the fulfilment of DSGVO conformity, a successful audit is achieved. We are glad that our customers now use TeamOne for IATF audits as well.

Know-how is gained in the process of execution

Understanding and optimizing processes and depicting them into intuitive solutions.
Digitization "out of the box" is not promising in the long run. Rather, solutions are needed that are based on internal processes and depict them in such a way that employees can identify themselves and recognize the benefits of the solution. This requires Customizing - and the continuous adaptation of digital solutions to given challenges. The continuous consideration of the influencing variables from the processes forms the basis so that process optimization can be achieved in the long term. Only if Software Engineering is oriented to operational procedures, optimized together with those responsible for the process and mapped into smart solutions, sustainable digitization can be achieved and processes improved in the long term.

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